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About ADA Website Compliance

American Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance does not just apply to brick-and-mortar businesses. It now encompasses website and mobile device accessibility, and your company can face lawsuits and fines related to difficulties that disabled visitors experience online.

Already, nearly 16,000 businesses and organizations of all sizes nationwide have been served legal demand letters claiming ADA Title III or Section 508 violations. With a 63% increase in filings since 2015, the number of ADA Title III lawsuits is expected to continue its upward climb.

In fact, 2017 ADA Title III Lawsuits are already up 18% over 2016 numbers.

In recent years, litigation has expanded beyond governmental entities like schools and universities. Banks, hotel chains, retailers and other private businesses have also been slapped with lawsuits.

These private companies have had to completely revamp their website user experience for people with disabilities as part of a settlement, and they were hit with hefty fines and court costs, as well.

Guidelines from the Department of Justice detailing how the ADA Title III law specifically applies to websites of privately held companies is expected in 2018. However, waiting until then to do something about website accessibility could expose your business not only to exorbitant fines and court costs but also bad publicity.

Given that there is no geographic limitation to the Internet, your business is open to possible litigation from the roughly 1.5 million users of assistive technologies nationwide.

Your website accessibility plan should adhere to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 to comply with the ADA guidelines.

WCAG is an international standard with the goal of providing a “single shared standard for web content accessibility that meets the needs of individuals, organizations and governments internationally.” Web “content” generally refers to the information on a web page or web application and includes text, images, sounds and code or HTML markup that defines the site structure and presentation.

Bizzuka can help you avoid ADA Compliance lawsuits by immediately implementing a proactive, ADA Compliant website action plan

Bizzuka’s web expertise combined with the latest ADA violation identification and remediation technology, we assist organizations in making web content both accessible and compliant in the most effective, expedient and economical manner.

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