What to Ask Your Software Developer Before Signing a Contract 

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When you’re ready to take your business to the next level, you’ll want to hire a software developer.

Custom software can help you streamline your processes, increase revenue, and plug any leaks in your revenue pipeline that may be costing you a fortune. 

Hiring a software developer is a big decision, and it’s important to make sure you ask the right questions before signing a contract. 

By asking these questions, you can be sure that you’re getting what you need from your developer and that both parties are on the same page.

1. How do I know I can trust you?

Any trustworthy software developer will be able to provide you with testimonials, reviews, and customer references. 

It will also be important to note who owns the code in the agreement, as well as whether the developer is obligated to work within preset time limits. 

Lastly, make sure to ask up front whether the whole sum of money will be required to pay at once. The answers to these questions are all tell-tale signs of a trustworthy developer.

2. What’s your specialty?

Some software companies may specialize in distinct niches, while others cover a range of industries.

At Bizzuka, we’re experienced in building software for various industries, from healthcare, to marine towing. However, we aren’t exclusive to just these industries. We’re always looking to expand our horizons and experience, and are capable of working with any industry.

3. How can I monitor progress?

When you’re not a programmer yourself, it can be hard to estimate the quality of the work being done, making this an important question to ask. Any good software developer should provide you with frequent updates and be willing to meet with you regularly regarding the progress of your project.

4. Will I need to sign an NDA?

Confidentiality of your information, especially if you’re in the healthcare industry, is vital when creating your software. The last thing you want is for someone to illegally get ahold of your design and ideas before they come to fruition. With that in mind, you will want to enter into an NDA with your software developer.

5. How will you honor the budget?

The last thing you want is unpleasant surprises like hidden costs. Any decent software developer will help you effectively organize your budget in a way that allows you to get your product up and running as fast as possible, and within your price range. 

6. Who will be working on my project?

Make sure you get a list of the team members who will be working on your project and their roles. This will make it easier on you in the event that you have a question during the development, and give you insight into who all will be involved.

At Bizzuka, our software developers focus on creating tailor-made solutions that solve your unique problems and yield an ROI within 6 – 18 months. 

Our software is flexible, scalable, and carefully crafted to adapt to your ever-changing business. 

We also offer various levels of customer support and carry with us 20 years’ worth of experience. Not only that, but we’re experienced in various industries and happy to provide references and explain the development process to you in terms that are easy to understand. 

Don’t know where to start? We do. Schedule your free workflow consultation with Bizzuka today!