3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Google My Business 

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If you’re not listed on Google My Business (GMB), you could be missing out on potential customers.

This free tool is a great way to show the world what your company offers. It helps your customers find you more easily and provides a way for them to leave reviews that are visible both on Google Maps and in the search engine. 

This means that potential customers can see what other people have said about your company before they decide whether or not to give you their business.

Google My Business is easy to set up, use, and will even allow you to access other important free Google tools like Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Google Search Console. If your business isn’t currently listed on Google My Business, it absolutely needs to be. 

Here’s why:

1. Your business will show up higher on Google search results

Google My Business is one of the best ways to get your business showing up first in search results.  

You can use this tool to make sure customers are finding the information they need about who you are and what makes your company stand out from the rest. 

GMB also allows customers to call you directly from your listing, map a route to your location, view your products and pictures, and more.

Businesses with no listing, or ones that are unclaimed with limited information and reviews, may appear lower in the search results because their credibility and reputation isn’t as well known.

This costs businesses sales, so it’s important that yours is listed in order to drive more traffic to your website or physical location. 

2. It adds credibility to your business

Google My Business is more than just a way to show up in map results. 

It’s a way to build credibility with your audience and provide them with the information necessary to contact you and learn more about your business.

GMB allows customers the opportunity to leave reviews about their experience with your company right on Google Maps. Because these reviews are visible for everyone who uses search engines, it’s important to respond to negative reviews in a timely fashion.

A potential customer will be able to see what other people have said about your company before they choose whether or not they want to give you their business, so make sure that the information is accurate and professional.

3. You can connect with customers and show them you care

One of the best things about Google My Business is that it allows for two-way communication. By responding to all reviews, both positive and negative, you can show customers you care about their opinions and are willing to make adjustments when necessary.

It’s also a place where customers can ask questions and you can respond directly to them. If they want to know your hours of operations or how much an item costs, you can answer all of their questions in one place.

This makes it easier for customers to contact you when they’re ready to make a purchase and saves everyone time by bringing that information into one location. 

With Bizzuka’s internet marketing services, we can help you create your Google My Business listing. If you already have a listing, we can help you take it to the next level. 

Stop missing out on potential customers and help them find your business faster and with more ease than ever before. Schedule a free 45-minute strategy session with us today.