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You’re taking this on the road and explaining it simple and it’s nicely done. I would not have been able to do what you just had done. Even when I was in marketing. It was simple and that’s what it is. It makes sense to everybody.

Gene Moorhead

professional eos implementer

eos worldwide

Adam Harris

I found his approach to be really friendly, systematic, and the knowledge and the depth of research that him and his team have done is absolutely phenomenal. I’ve been and received coaching in many different areas before, but for me, John is in the top 5. Truly, truly a professional. But probably more importantly is that he knows and understands what it is that you’re trying to do, and he’s there to support you every step of the way. Absolutely fully recommend him, the OPTICS™ training, and the coaching as well.

Adam Harris

Professional EOS Implementer


John is equal parts technologist and marketer. He thinks with both sides of the brain, blending the art and science of digital marketing with ease. A pleasure to work with, hardworking, and above all, principled, are all hallmarks of John and his team.

Maura Nelson

Brand Director

VieMed, LLC

Working with John is a pleasure. He is highly professional. John sees the 30,000 foot level, but never lets the details escape him. His ideas and plans are always well thought through, excellently executed, and very meticulously monitored. John adds value in helping us think through and develop our business strategies, and coming up with new ideas that we had not considered. He is a contributor to our business. I highly recommend John.

Ted Haig



They have always responded quickly, even late at night or holidays. They keep us centered on consistency and always make sure we maintain a professional look and feel – it’s easy to deviate by accident. It is also very nice to know we can reach out to a local contact in a pinch or panic, and receive great customer service.

Denise Paul

Director of Information technology

West Feliciana Hospital