We're Definitely Not The New Kid on the Block

In fact, we've been around it a time or two.

Since 2020, Bizzuka has been at the forefront of web design, web application development, and digital marketing. Over the past two decades, we’ve led thousands of five, six, and even seven-figure projects that were responsible for driving incredible growth and efficiency for our clients.

In 2020, we started working heavily with Artificial Intelligence as a tool to augment copy creation. After building over 3,000 websites and software applications, we started to see this new revolution unfolding far faster and with the potential to have far greater impact than the web, itself.

We started to dig deeper into AI, finding new ways and new tools that could simplify tasks, automate repetitive procedures, and elevate marketing results. We developed unique methodologies and frameworks that allowed us to achieve unprecedented success in scaling AI use in our and many other organizations.

After 3,000 website projects and 25 years of digital marketing success...

We completely switched gears.

In 2022, we sold off the Web agency side of the company to focus exclusively on AI consulting, coaching, and training, helping businesses upskill their workforce and take advantage of artificial intelligence. 

Our goal is to help companies retain as many of their employees as possible by giving them new insights and tools, so they can add more value to the company and to the people they serve. 

God first.

Family second.

Bizzuka third.

All of our Bizzuka teammates know this as our leading value statement.

We are a company that values our employees, their families, and their well-being above all else.

We know that happy employees create an outstanding work environment, which in turn allows us to deliver excellent customer service.

Our Expertise: AI Strategy Canvas™ and OPTICS™ Framework

At the heart of our approach are two groundbreaking tools designed to maximize your marketing team's effectiveness and efficiency:

The AI Strategy Canvas™

This proprietary canvas is a comprehensive guide for businesses ready to integrate, optimize, and scale generative AI across the enterprise. It covers everything from understanding your audience and defining the role of AI in your processes, to aligning your company's values with your marketing strategies, and setting up the necessary rules and guidelines for AI engagement. Learn more about the AI Strategy Canvas™.

The OPTICS™ Framework 

Exclusively for marketing teams of two or more people looking to operate like a ten-person powerhouse, the OPTICS™ framework is a systematic approach to crafting and executing marketing strategies using AI. Mastering the six phases of OPTICS™ (Orient, Predict, Target, Implement, Calibrate, and Sync) empowers small teams to achieve big results, making it the operating system for modern marketers. Learn more about the power of having OPTICS™ on your marketing.

What's Your End Goal?

Over the past few years, we grew more and more frustrated with agencies in our industry as they become more enamored with the creativity of their work than the utility of it to their clients.

They seemed to be more excited about winning the accolades of their peers than generating clients for their customers. In our opinion, an agency's work should be judged solely by the thing their clients need most: predictable leads, growth, and revenue -- not cutesiness or cleverness.

Our philosophy is that when it comes to marketing whether online or offline, you should start with the end in mind.

In other words, an effective marketing campaign isn’t one that wins your agency a nice award for being clever or creative. An effective campaign is one that makes your phone ring and gets clients in the door. Period.

So, if you want to win an award, you should seek out an ad agency that has a nice trophy case.

But, if you want to win new clients, you should talk to us.

We help businesses build marketing teams and systems that create predictable growth. 

which would you rather?

win an addy or win a new Client?

Interested in Corporate AI Training?

Our Corporate AI Training programs are tailored to give your team the framework and skills they need to manage and leverage AI to its fullest potential.

Schedule a call with us. We'll work with you to identify your team's unique needs and design a training program that aligns with your business objectives.