Ready to accelerate Revenue Growth but struggling to get there?

Turn your marketing frustrations into a winning formula for success. Unleash the full potential of AI in your business.

Is your marketing team consistently growing your revenue and providing tangible, measurable ROI on your marketing budget?

Whether we train you how to do it in our digital marketing courses or our fractional Chief Marketing Officers (fCMOs) do it for you, you can expect rapid and measurable change when you get OPTICS™ on your marketing.

Increased client/patient growth and more revenue generated from existing ones.

Better profit margins and improved financial results.

Better monitoring of results and accountability of your marketing team and vendors.

Does This Sound Like You?

These are the Top Frustrations the OPTICS™ Framework Solves for Busy CEOs, CMOs, and Marketing Teams:

Patient/Client Growth

Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
  • We need to bring in new patients/clients but don't know how
  • We want to generate more revenue from existing patients/clients
  • We'd like to target patients/clients specifically looking for our services
  • We'd like to increase patient/client referrals and improve ratings

Marketing Tean Oversight

Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
  • I don't have time to oversee our marketing team
  • I don't feel I understand what they're doing or how to guide them
  • We need to establish goals, deadlines, and deliverables
  • We need to plan out the year and stop shooting from the hip

Strategy Development

Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
  • I have a vision but can't seem to develop the strategy to get there
  • We have a small team that can execute, but they need leadership
  • We need an expert or digital marketing courses to guide us & show us how to reach our goals
  • We don't know if our tactics are effective or correct

Metrics and SOPs

Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
  • We're not sure which are the right metrics to monitor
  • We get statistics, but we don't know what to do next
  • We have no documented standard operating procedures 
  • If a marketing team member leaves, we can't train a new one

Vision and Goal Setting

Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
  • We haven't documented our quarterly, annual, or 3-year goals
  • I have a vision for our future, but I haven't shared it with my team
  • We want "results" but haven't clearly quantified what those are
  • We're so busy, we don't really know what success looks like

Outsourced Relationships

Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
  • We're getting billed for services, but we're not getting results
  • I have no way to know if what we've paid for is quality or junk
  • I don't feel like I understand what they're doing or why
  • I don't have time to evaluate or manage marketing vendors

If you can relate to any of those frustrations, then we invite you to schedule a free, 1-hour Marketing Diagnostic Consultation with us to help you uncover exactly what is holding you back and discover quick ways you can accelerate growth in the next 90 days.

There are Really Only Three Ways to Increase Your Revenues...


Increase the number of patients or clients


Increase the size of each transaction


Increase the frequency of transactions

Everything you do to increase sales and revenue is going to be a variant of one of these three. 

The question is, are you constantly looking at ways to leverage all three?

Want to know how to increase your revenue by 50%?

Increasing your revenue by 50% sounds like a huge number, doesn't it? -- Until you realize that it only requires a 17% increase in each of the 3 areas mentioned above.

Bizzuka fractional Chief Marketing Officers focus on increasing each of those areas through our proven process we call OPTICS™.

Find out what's holding you back from achieving your growth goals.

Take our 2-minute self-assessment, and we'll help you gain clarity on the blind spots that are keeping your marketing team from achieving maximum results. Find out in a couple of minutes what you may need to change if you want to accelerate growth in the next 12 months.