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John Munsell

Chief Executive Officer
Bizzuka, Inc.

John Munsell is the co-founder of Bizzuka, an AI consulting firm focused on artificial intelligence strategy and implementation. With a career spanning over 25 years in marketing, software development, financial services, and sales, John brings a wealth of experience to the AI industry. 

He is also an Adjunct Instructor of Artificial Intelligence at Louisiana State University, contributing to the academic field while leading Bizzuka. His work centers on helping enterprise leadership teams develop AI competency frameworks and upskill their workforces.

John is the creator of the AI Strategy Canvas, a fundamental methodology for seamlessly integrating AI technologies across various business departments. Through his corporate training programs and the CXO AI Roundtable, John has personally trained over 200 corporate executives and managers, equipping them with practical AI applications to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and foster innovative new product development.

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From pioneering AI strategies to developing groundbreaking frameworks, John Munsell has been at the forefront of innovation for over 40 years. He now brings these transformative insights to a stage near you.

His deep industry knowledge combined with real-world success stories make for a captivating speech that is both informative and inspiring.

John’s actionable strategies and practical takeaways ensure that every keynote delivers significant value for your audience. By demystifying complex AI concepts, he empowers attendees to overcome challenges and embrace new opportunities.

You’ll be engaged from start to finish. John’s dynamic presentation style and relatable anecdotes ensure that your audience not only learns but also enjoys every moment. No need to choose between a knowledgeable expert and an engaging speaker – John is both.

John provides the Wow factor with innovative ideas and proven strategies, helping leaders unlock their team’s full potential. Book John for an unforgettable experience that drives real results.

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