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Learn How to Create Highly Effective Marketing Campaigns & Complete
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The 60-Minute Ebook and Funnel Blueprint

Build a Comprehensive Ebook and all the Copy You Need for a Complete Marketing Funnel in Under an Hour with ChatGPT 

  • Build a complete eBook funnel in under an hour using ChatGPT and DALL-e.
  • Learn how to train ChatGPT to create high-converting content in your own unique style and voice.
  • Turn mediocre AI content into stunningly effective, direct-response copy using our unique framework.
  • Create LinkedIn promotional posts without sounding like a generic ChatGPT-generated message.
  • Effortlessly create the email nurture sequence that keeps your audience engaged.
  • Master the art of creating compelling social media posts for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

  • Construct ChatGPT prompts that consistently produce high-quality copy.
  • Learn a framework for creating highly effective copy that is repeatable and scalable inside of your organization.

Generate brilliant copy with our advanced training.

Get access to our exclusive training and learn advanced prompting techniques to unlock the power of ChatGPT.

Start with Module 1 at No Cost!

Dive into the world of AI-generated copywriting and learn how to make ChatGPT work for you. Discover techniques that will have your content converting like never before!

In this module, you'll master:

Basic Prompting Techniques

  • Zero-Shot Prompts: Generate compelling copy without any examples
  • Open-Ended Prompts: Unleash your AI's creative potential
  • Context-Driven Prompts: Craft copy that adapts seamlessly to any situation
  • Output and Interaction-Based Prompts: Engage and interact with your AI for more refined results
  • Reasoning and Problem-Solving Prompts: Make your AI think critically and solve challenges

Intermediate Prompting Techniques

  • One-Shot Prompts: Achieve better results with just one example
  • Specific Prompts: Give your AI clear directions for laser-focused content
  • Conversational Prompts: Make your copy sound natural and engaging
  • Negative Prompts: Discover how to avoid unwanted outcomes

Advanced Prompting Techniques

  • Few-Shot Prompts: Train your AI with minimal examples for maximum impact
  • Step-by-Step Prompts: Guide your AI through complex tasks with ease
  • InstructGPT Prompts: Leverage the power of instruction-based prompts for stunning results
  • Iterative Prompts: Refine your copy through continuous improvement


Scalable Prompt Engineering™

  • Our unique framework for scaling the copy creation process within your organization. Learn techniques you won't find anywhere else that will help you create better, high-converting copy, faster, and with more consistency than you ever thought possible.

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