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Automated Lead Generation

Your Best Sales Person Just Got 10 Times Better.

Before the first robot was introduced into the automotive industry in 1961, cars were built by hand in the manufacturer’s assembly line.

When it comes to lead generation, most businesses function like a pre-1961 automotive plant — they rely on a manual process (or what we call “hand-to-hand- combat”).

Think of it this way… your salespeople typically spend 80% of their time prospecting instead of closing deals. Wouldn’t it be better if a robot took care of that 80%, so your sales people could spend all their time closing deals instead of trying to find them?

At Bizzuka, we believe that any marketing that doesn’t directly create a sales ready lead is a luxury few businesses can afford. In today’s world, creating an automated system that generates leads 24/7/365 is more than a dream. It’s a reality that we create for our clients every day.

Wouldn’t your life be easier if you had a robot generating leads 24/7/365? One that never got sick? One that never went on vacation? One that didn’t require health insurance, paid time off, FICA and FUTA matching, or 401k benefits?

That’s why we build automated lead-generation systems for our clients.

Much like the automotive industry in 1961, the idea of automation seems to be pretty novel to most marketers when it comes to lead generation. But we’ve been doing it successfully for our clients for years, now. And we’ve got the track record to prove it.

At Bizzuka, we don’t just work harder to satisfy our clients’ marketing needs; we work smarter, using automation to generate leads and conversions and move your revenue needle rapidly toward your goal.

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