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Automated Lead Generation

Put More and Better Leads
in Your Sales Team's Hands

Before Henry Ford introduced the assembly line to automobile manufacturing, cars were built by hand one at a time.

Most websites function the same way — generating so few qualified leads salespeople are forced to spend 80% of their time prospecting instead of closing deals.

Bizzuka follows the path forged by Ford. We use an automated lead-generation system to not only increase the number of leads your salespeople receive but qualify them as well. That’s music to a salesperson’s ears… and the answer to making your digital marketing efforts a value-add instead of a line-item expense.

Here are just a few of the benefits an automated lead-generation system can provide your business:

Combines marketing functions. Our system combines different customer acquisition and retention channels, such as email, social media, landing pages, webinars and even direct mail into a single platform.

Integrates marketing channels. Not only does our system combine marketing channels, it integrates them as well. Instead of sending disjointed campaigns through individual silos, your messaging becomes more consistent across multiple channels.

Supports the buyer journey. Consumers don’t always buy the first time they visit your website. Rather, they often go through various touch points that take them along the path to purchase. Using automated lead generation, Bizzuka creates many touch points and moves targeted prospects further down the path.

Provides a comprehensive view of the customer. Aggregating data from a variety of touch points gives you a more comprehensive view of the customer or prospect, something that would be next to impossible with information spread across multiple platforms.

Create buyer personas. We use that data to develop detailed buyer personas and create marketing materials to fit each audience. Your salespeople can qualify individual prospects in terms of their readiness to buy and use marketing collateral to move the prospect down the path to purchase.

Aligns marketing and sales. Misalignment between the marketing and sales departments can result in an efficiency gap in converting leads. Our system solves that problem by giving both groups access to the same information.

Makes marketing more productive. Automation saves time resulting in more productive marketing activities.

At Bizzuka, we don’t just work harder to satisfy our clients’ marketing needs; we work smarter, using automation to generate leads and conversions and move your prospects further down the path to purchase.

Contact us today to learn the value automated lead generation can provide your business. 

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