Three valuable resources to help grow your Healthcare Business

OPTICS™ is an immersive experience.

Getting healthcare marketing right takes time, and you don't want that time to throw your life or healthcare business out of balance. That's why in addition to fractional CMO augmentation, we provide three additional modes of education and immersion to help you build the business and lifestyle that you've envisioned.

OPTICS™ Academy

It takes more than a one-day meeting to implement the OPTICS™ framework in your organization. That why we give you 24/7 access to online training, so you'll be able to learn at your own pace from anywhere on the planet. The academy is filled with video, audio, and downloadable training documentation to help accelerate your learning curve. Additionally, your access to the Bizzuka OPTICS™ Academy allows you to easily train new team members as they join your marketing organization.


When you start in the OPTICS™ program, you'll get access to our private OPTICS™ Accelerator, which is an online community exclusively for healthcare marketers and CEOs. In this group, you'll have the opportunity to learn and implement OPTICS™ alongside a cohort of marketing professionals who are on the same path as you. You'll be able to participate in our weekly coaching calls, as well as have access to the Accelerator online community where questions are answered and ideas are shared.


When you're really ready to crank your marketing up to the maximum voltage, you'll want to apply to be part of our exclusive group of healthcare leaders in an exclusive Mastermind devoted to improving the patient experience and accelerating revenue growth. You’ll get access to members-only content, conference calls, webinars, quarterly in-person workshops, and resources that will help you dominate in today’s competitive market. Membership in OPTICS™ Elite is by invitation only.

Want to get OPTICS™ on Your Marketing?

Implementing OPTICS™ is the fastest way to get your revenue pointing in the right direction. It's way more than a fancy diagram. OPTICS™ is a fully immersive experience. 

Find out what's holding you back from achieving your growth goals.

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