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Bizzuka's Lead Generation Playbook

A Proven System that Generates Sales Qualified Leads... not Just Traffic.

Bizzuka's Lead Generation Playbook

A Proven System that Generates Sales Qualified Leads... not Just Traffic.

Three Steps to Automating Your Leads and Profits.

Bizzuka’s Lead Automation Playbook is a three phase, proven process for developing an automated lead flow to your most profitable products or services lines without relying on cold calls or bid lists.

The playbook is also an ongoing process, because it solves an ongoing problem. In other words, markets change and the need to find sales never goes away. An online strategy must evolve with the market and with technology.

The faster you evolve, the more you will consistently dominate your market.

Most web projects fail to move the needle on revenue, because companies see their website as a branding experience rather than an economic engine; thus, any targeted messaging that could convert a prospect into a buyer gets lost or diluted.

automated lead generation

Our 3-Step Lead Automation Playbook is specifically designed and proven to generate significant long-term results for companies like yours.

competitor analysis
competitor analysis

The first step of our Lead Generation Playbook is called the Reveal phase. During this phase we extract information from your customers, your competition, and your own internal personnel in order to create a framework for the creation of powerful and differentiating messaging.

UNDERSTAND: We start by doing a deep dive into your ideal customers and their journey from problem to solution. Through a process we call Buyer Extracted Intelligence™, we interview people that fit your target buyer profile and truly understand their pains, problems, and quest for a solution.

Buyer Extracted Intelligence™ requires a very specific interview process, where we employ a questioning technique that helps us understand the language your potential customers use, their thought processes, and the reasons they either selected you or your competition to solve their problem.

The insights gathered during this research phase help us devise strategies to reach your potential buyers at every stage along the buyer’s journey.

At the same time, these insights will help your marketing team to become far more effective at creating effective brand strategies.

Buyer Extracted Intelligence™ provides your company with the foundation for all future marketing, as well as client communications.

ANALYZE: We carefully analyze the websites of your biggest competitors and dig thoroughly into every move they are making online. We uncover the strategies and tactics they are using that can be largely hidden from view.

We look at their ad campaigns, their ongoing history, any adjustments they might have made over time, and their effectiveness in generating conversions.

We then dig deep into the code of your competitors’ websites to determine if they are targeting keywords that perhaps you’ve overlooked. Next, we analyze the keyword strings that are used most frequently by your buyers when they are searching for your services.

Your search engine rankings for these keywords are then compared with the rankings of your top competitors. We contrast these rankings against the volume of monthly searches for those keywords in order to determine where we might find the best opportunity for growth.

You’ll see your competition’s weaknesses exposed, and we’ll also reveal to you any ideas they have that might be good, and we’ll show you how you can improve on those ideas to help you truly dominate your market.

DIFFERENTIATE: The Differentiate step involves a 4-hour session with your internal team where we review your perceived competitive advantages. We then map those against Buyer Extracted Intelligence™ and the competition analysis to determine exactly how unique those advantages are in the eyes of the marketplace.

We then work with your team to craft a unique positioning statement for the specific product or service for which you’re trying to generate leads or revenue.
In order to have a strong foundation and before you begin any tactical efforts like website development, social media engagement, or content creation, a proper strategy must be developed. Strategy development is the key to online success. Without it, a website is nothing more than a set of mechanical deliverables that has very little potential for attracting or converting visitors into buyers.

Informed by all of the research performed in the Reveal phase, we create an online marketing strategy that is truly unique and highly effective at achieving your goals.
The key here is to drive relevant traffic, not traffic for traffic’s sake. We aren’t looking for massive volumes. We’re looking for highly qualified buyers who are in the middle of the “buying” cycle.

This is where the competitor analysis and Buyer Extracted Intelligence™ pays off in spades. This research helps us craft a highly-focused strategy to attract a constant stream of qualified visitors.

automated lead generation
automated lead generation

With our strategy now fully developed, it is time to create the machine.

Content may be “king,” but conversion is definitely “queen.”

This stage typically involves the redesign of your website, the optimization of your LinkedIn and/or Facebook profiles, and the creation of all the content necessary to create the maximum number of conversions.

CONVINCE: Many B2B website owners fail to create leads for their products or services, because they place all their emphasis on product lists, service lists, or feature bloat.

Prospective buyers aren’t searching for a particular product or service, they are searching for a solution to a problem. They want something that will take them from their current state of pain to a place of relief.

In other words, they’re looking for a transformation.

We craft content that is not only intriguing to your prospective customers, but will actively move them to raise their hand and declare themselves as a marketing-qualified lead.

Subcognitive SequencingTM  is our secret weapon when it comes to creating conversions from content. When applied properly, Subcognitive SequencingTM exponentially increases lead generation.

Subcognitive SequencingTM  is about creating copy that focuses on your clients’ ultimate transformation, not solely a set of products, services, or features.

CONVERT: The art of conversion is something we’ve mastered after 17 years in the business. The key lies in targeting one specific avatar with a specific piece of content that is valuable enough that the prospect will give you his or her name and email address in order to access the content.

These lead magnets require a lot of thought and effort. Done correctly, you’ll increase your visitor conversion rates exponentially. Done incorrectly, and you’ll be lonelier than a Maytag repairman.

Most of our competitors fail at content marketing, because they create content that generates traffic but not buyers. Our proven process for generating content will help you get the attention of buyers rather than random visitors.

Once the prospects have engaged with you and exchange their email address for your lead magnet, it’s time to begin the cultivation process.

CULTIVATE: Not everyone who downloads a lead magnet is ready to become a customer right then and there. That’s why we create an automated sequence of follow up emails that continue nurturing prospects and moving them along their buying journey.

We carefully and thoughtfully hand craft emails that are unique to the type of inquiry received. These help establish credibility and build rapport between you and your prospective buyers.

This rapport building process helps to transition prospective customers into actual buyers.

scale your business
scale your business

Once the machine is built, you do not want to move into a “set-it-and-forget-it” mode.

This is time to start pushing traffic into the machine.

We call this the Scale phase.

Whether the tactics used involve pure content marketing or a more comprehensive pay-per-click strategy to accelerate results, you can be assured of this – attraction is only part of the equation.

ATTRACT: There are many tactics we employ to drive traffic to your website. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC) are some of the most effective tactics that can generate great results. SEO is a longer-term strategy that creates “free” traffic, whereas PPC is highly effective at generating quick, instant bursts of traffic.

Our team of Google certified SEO experts will devise ways to get you to the top of search engines using keyword strings designed to drive relevant traffic instead of random traffic.

When you’re ready for a quick burst of traffic and conversions, paying for traffic on Google, Bing, Facebook or LinkedIn can be a huge win.

The key to PPC is in creating unique landing pages or “funnels” that are highly specialized and focused. Most companies fail at PPC, because they don’t understand the funnel concept. They point all traffic to the home page, which is a huge mistake and a colossal waste of money.

Once again, Subcognitive SequencingTM  is your secret weapon that will propel you beyond any competitor and generate astounding results.

ENGAGE: Before you start believing that B2B prospects aren’t on Facebook or LinkedIn, listen to this:

A recent Biznology study showed that 55% of B2B buyers search for information on social media.

Blogging and social posting are critical to traffic generation and prospect engagement. The key here is in knowing exactly what to write about. Most B2B blogs babble on about nothing, and the business owners eventually give up thinking their target audience doesn’t read blog posts.

But get this: according to HubSpot, B2B businesses that use blogs receive 67% more leads than those that do not.

During our Reveal phase, we will have created a massive list of blog topics that will literally provide a year’s worth of material. These topics are specifically designed to reach your target customer at a specific point along their buyer’s journey.

In other words, we won’t be writing about the new employee you hired last week, or the fundraiser you attended. We’ll be writing about the biggest problems your prospects have that you can solve. This is how you drive relevant traffic rather than random traffic.

REFINE: Each month, our entire team will look at how we’ve progressed toward the accomplishment of your goals.

We’ll review what’s working, what’s not, and we’ll work with you to devise new ways to improve results in the coming month.

The importance of continual optimization of strategy and tactics is ingrained in our culture, and unfortunately, it is a lost art with most of our competitors.

Markets don’t stay the same forever, and your tactics won’t always generate great results forever.

Sometimes, you might need to throttle up the use of blog posting. Other times, you might need to engage a pay-per-click campaign. Still other times, you might focus on split testing a landing page or a new lead magnet for generating the maximum number of inquiries, appointments, or registrations.

The key is to keep your eye on performance metrics and continually optimize your tactics and maximize your results.

The Ultimate B2B Web Marketing Strategy Checklist

See how your web marketing intitiatives stack up.

Nothing is more frustrating than spending tens of thousands of dollars every year on digital marketing, and seeing no increase in lead generation.

Make sure your digital marketing strategy covers all the bases. Use our 50-point checklist to fine tune your marketing and improve your online conversions.

Ready to learn how you can increase your sales and automate your lead generation?

Schedule a Strategy Call today and see how a few tweaks can generate massive results.

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