Our Proven 3-Phase Process for Generating New Leads & Markets


Deep Research Phase

No one can build a website that is anything other than a prettier version of what already doesn't work without fully understanding your target customer and your competition from the inside out.

More than just a market study: we’ll do a deep dive to understand what's going on in your ideal customer’s mind, and we'll also perform competitive research to dissect every move your competitors are making online. We then take that information to establish true differentiators that will set you apart from others in your market.

There are three basic steps in the Reveal stage:

  • Understand: Most business websites speak in their own unique industry language. That means the website copy is full of technical jargon that the target audience only uses after they've bought the product. It's not the language the target audience uses when searching to solve their current problem.

    That's why we we interview your customers and your prospects to fully understand and capture the language they use to describe their problem as well as your solution. That is how you build a buyer persona profile that informs both your sales and marketing teams.

    We don't just lick our finger, stick it in the air, and see which way the wind is blowing before we build a buyer persona. We build our personas by methodically interviewing real people -- your customers and your prospects (with their permission, of course).
  • Analyze: If you want to know who your competitors are, just do a quick Google search for your product or service.

    That little number you see at the top left that says "About ###,###,### results" will show you approximately how many pages are fighting against you for the top position. It's rarely less than a million, and sometimes it's over a billion.

    The businesses in the top three positions are your real competition. Everyone else is trying to leapfrog each other to take one of those three spots.

    We conduct a 50-point competitive research analysis to expose your competitors’ strengths, weaknesses, strategies and tactics, so we can help devise ways to not just increase your rankings and inbound traffic, but to increase your conversions, as well.
  • Differentiate: In today's global economy, you have to immediately illustrate to people how your solution to their problem is different and unique.

    All of the previous steps along with our proprietary process help us develop a USP (unique selling proposition) for your company that will quickly convey your compelling advantage and help you stand out among potentially millions of online competitors. 

    That being complete, the next phase is to start building the machine that will serve as your 24/7/365 sales person (who doesn't require benefits, sick days, vacation, or FICA and FUTA matching).

Learn How to Increase Your Sales Leads in 45-Minutes.

In today's COVID see-saw, it's hard to just hop in the car and make sales calls. It's even harder to reach people on the phone, because you don't know where they're working.

Are they working from home? Are they working in the office? 

Or are they locked down in some other city?

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