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AI in marketing: sounds impressive, right? But we know it can feel like trying to teach an old dog not just new, but quantum physics level tricks. That's why we're launching these CXO roundtables, aimed at unpacking the mystery of embedding AI within your marketing campaigns and utilizing it within every aspect of your organization.

Register (at no cost whatsoever) to join lively discussions that cover everything from AI tool customization to predicting the future (well, in terms of marketing trends). We're not here to sell, just to chat, learn, and maybe have a laugh or two. Sign up once, pop in when you can, and let's demystify AI in marketing together. No quantum physics degree required!


Integrating AI Tools and Customization in Marketing

This meeting will focus on the integration of AI tools, including ChatGPT, with existing marketing strategies and how they can be trained and customized to align with a company's brand voice. We'll discuss the challenges, opportunities, and potential benefits of using AI in marketing efforts while maintaining brand authenticity.


Harnessing AI for Cost Reduction and Competitive Edge

This meeting will explore the potential of AI tools to reduce costs, streamline marketing processes, and provide a competitive advantage to businesses. We'll be discussing the practical applications of AI, its impact on marketing, and the risk of waiting for competitors to master AI before you do.


Leveraging AI for Data Insights and Scalable Marketing

This meeting will examine how AI tools can be used to analyze customer data for informed marketing decisions and scale marketing efforts without significantly increasing costs. Here we'll discuss the potential of using AI-driven data analysis to influence marketing strategies, its effectiveness, and the top AI players in this space to help you scale.


Maintaining Ethics and Thought Leadership Authenticity with ChatGPT & A.I.

In this meeting, we'll dive into the ethical maze of AI in marketing and share tips for keeping your brand's voice consistent across all AI-generated content. It's a conversation you won't want to miss as we discuss real-world challenges and strategize solutions together.


Assessing the Impact and Future of AI in Marketing

This meeting will discuss ways to measure the effectiveness of AI-driven marketing initiatives and examine the potential for AI tools to shape the future of marketing. We will explore upcoming trends and potential areas for growth and innovation.


Enhancing Content Creation with AI Technologies

This meeting will focus on the potential of AI tools like ChatGPT and MidJourney to improve content creation in marketing campaigns. We'll be talking about the advantages, challenges, and best practices for utilizing AI in content marketing.


Delivering Personalized Experiences through AI

This meeting will explore the role of AI tools in creating personalized marketing experiences for customers. We'll cover the potential benefits and challenges of implementing AI-driven personalization in marketing campaigns.


Revolutionizing Customer Support with AI

This meeting will examine the use of AI tools, such as ChatGPT, in enhancing customer support services. Here we will debate the potential impact of AI on customer satisfaction and the overall customer experience. Where is it appropriate and at what level do you trigger human intervention?


Streamlining Marketing Processes with AI-powered Automation

This meeting will discuss the role of AI tools in automating various marketing processes, such as lead generation, email campaigns, and social media management. In this session, we will explore the benefits and potential drawbacks of adopting or relying on AI-driven marketing automation.


Adapting To The Evolving Landscape Of AI In Marketing

This meeting will reflect on the discussions from previous meetings and examine how businesses can adapt to the rapidly evolving AI landscape in marketing. We will expand on discussed strategies for staying ahead of AI-driven trends and maintaining a competitive edge.

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Meet Your Hosts

John Munsell

Chief Executive Officer
Bizzuka, Inc.

John Munsell is an accomplished marketing professional with a 25-year background in direct-response copywriting, digital marketing, and generative AI. He has also overseen the UI/UX development of dozens of web and mobile applications. He specializes in helping businesses expand their client lists, scale revenue, and reduce operating expenses through a variety of services, including Fractional CMO, group coaching, AI Prompt Optimization training, and online workshops. John's unique approach harnesses AI tools like ChatGPT and automated lead-generation systems to turn ordinary in-house marketing teams into top-performers who consistently exceed growth targets. John collaborates with a diverse range of clients, including hospitals, clinics, ISPs, MSPs, SaaS providers, general practitioners, and CPG brands. 

Andy Slipher

Marketing Strategist
Slipher, Inc.

Andy Slipher, the founder of Slipher Marketing, is a seasoned marketing strategist with over 18 years of experience across a diverse range of clients, industries, and brands. His passion for marketing is evident in his dedication to fostering lasting, profitable relationships between clients and their customers. Andy is a strong advocate for a strategy-first approach, focusing on delivering tangible, measured marketing results. As a professional member of the National Speakers Association, he regularly delivers keynote speeches on the importance of strategy in marketing. He also serves as the marketing segment lecturer for Southern Methodist University’s accredited Bank Operations Institute. Andy holds a master’s degree in integrated marketing communications and a bachelor’s degree in communications from Northwestern University and DePauw University, respectively. He is currently preparing his first book based on his strategic methods and experiences.