Get OPTICS™ on your Marketing and Set Your Own Pace

The OPTICS™ Academy: 
For Self-Paced, Online OPTICS™ Mastery. 

Designed for small to mid-market marketing teams and professional marketers, the academy is our comprehensive online training platform for mastering the OPTICS™ Framework.

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Learn at Your Own Pace, Anywhere, Anytime

Sometimes you need to learn new things quickly and adjust. Other times, you've got too much on your plate, already. We get it. That's why the OPTICS™ Academy offers 24/7 access to video, audio, and downloadable training resources. No need to stress out. You can master the OPTICS™ framework at your own pace, wherever you are, and no matter what gets in the way.

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Train Your Entire Team

The OPTICS™ Academy is not just for individual learners. It's a resource for your entire team. With our online training, each person on your team can have their own unique login, so they can learn at their own pace without having to worry about overwriting someone else's progress. This ensures your entire marketing team can absorb the information they need when they need it.

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Many marketing teams underperform due to a variety of blind spots, but perhaps the biggest is that they don't know what excellence looks like. The OPTICS™ Academy is designed to identify and address these blind spots. OPTICS™ training builds expertise and establishes best-practice processes, so your marketing team becomes your secret weapon for accelerating growth. 

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The OPTICS™ Academy is designed to help you master all aspects of our unique marketing framework. From the Orient phase, where you assess your marketing assets and past marketing performance, to the Sync phase, where your marketing team ensures they're in sync with the needs of each department in your organization, the academy covers every phase of the OPTICS™ framework in detail.

What Will You Learn in the OPTICSTM Academy?

Here's a look at a few of the things you'll master inside the academy.

OPTICS Orient block

Get an assessment of where you are

  • Create a Campaign Snapshot archive.
  • Evaluate all marketing Vendors
  • Conduct a Marketing Technology Audit
  • Document an inventory of all Marketing Assets
  • Establish a Budget Review process
  • Perform a Team Skills Assessment
  • Create a Marketing Org Chart
OPTICS Predict block

Clearly define where you want to go and articulate that vision throughout the organization

  • Craft a 3-Year Picture for the company
  • Document your 1-Year Vision
  • Create a 90-Day Marketing Plan
  • Create and maintain a Campaign Calendar
  • Set and communicate Quarterly Goals
  • Learn how to plan your Marketing Budget
  • Create a KPI Scorecard
OPTICS Target block

Fully understand your target market and develop the messaging and strategy to scale

  • Understand your Buyer’s Journey
  • Conduct insightful Buyer Persona Research
  • Accurately identify meaningful Competitive Differentiators
  • Conduct an in-depth Competitive Analysis
  • Articulate your USP and your Market Dominating Position
  • Articulate Desired Results for all tactics
  • Understand and craft conversion-focused Copy and Messaging
  • Identify products or services that have the highest impact on growth
  • Develop the strategy for accelerating growth
OPTICS Implement block

Begin implementing the tactics, resources, and technology needed for success

  • Establish campaign priorities
  • Develop Quick-Win campaigns
  • Optimize online properties (websites, social networks, etc.)
  • Document Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Implement Marketing Automation
  • Establish meeting cadence and weekly check-ins
OPTICS Calibrate block

Review actionable metrics and refine tactics when necessary

  • Manage KPI Scorecard
  • Create KPI dashboard for cross-departmental accountability
  • Review and optimize ongoing campaigns
  • Marketing Automation
  • Review and optimize Marketing Automation
  • Monitor and manage Online Reputation
  • Analyze and optimize Conversion Rates
  • Assess the Customer Experience
  • Continually monitor and optimize Online Visibility
OPTICS Sync block

Review progress on a quarterly basis, and then plot out the next quarter

  • Learn how to conduct a Quarterly Recap
  • Understand how to plan for the Annual Planning
  • Master the process of Quarterly Planning
  • Get proficient in conducting a Progress Assessment
  • Recognize and celebrate Team Achievements
  • Conduct team Performance Assessments
  • Update the Campaign Calendar
  • Review and adjust meeting cadence
  • Ensure cross-departmental accountability

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