A Proven Process for Ensuring Predictable Revenue growth

The Operating System for Marketers.™

The OPTICS™ Framework provides a proven and structured way to scale your revenue. The process works by building a high-performing marketing team that knows how to leverage and scale using Artificial Intelligence.

Seamlessly integrating AI tools like ChatGPT, Claude, MidJourney, Rasa.io, MeetGeek.ai, MarketMuse.com, InVideo.io, and more into key phases of marketing enables your team to execute with complete confidence, competence, and precision. 

This is the exact framework we teach members of our OPTICS™ AI Certified Mastermind.

OPTICS framework graphic

In 90 to 120 days, you'll have OPTICSTM on your marketing.

Think of OPTICS™ as an operating system for marketers. OPTICS™ is a framework that helps you develop a comprehensive marketing strategy and build a high-performing marketing team that will dramatically increase your revenues and market share. It's the framework you need for generating the insights that lead to exponential growth. 


Get an assessment of where you are

The Orient phase of the OPTICS™ process is about getting the most accurate picture possible of your current situation. It involves getting an assessment of past marketing performance, an evaluation of the skills of your team, your outside vendors, your marketing technology stack, and your use of AI.


Clearly define where you want to go and articulate that vision throughout the organization

The Predict phase sets up everything to follow. This is where you'll articulate and document a clear vision of where you want to be 12 months from now and even 3 years from now. With that view crystalized, our CMOs work with you to ensure your entire team buys into your vision and works to help make it a reality.


Fully understand your target market and develop the strategy to capture your share

The key to perfecting your strategy starts with fully understanding your target persona, their pains, problems, and desires. This is what the Target phase is all about -- understanding the economic, psychological, and emotional drivers of your ideal customer, and then developing the strategy and tactics to attract and convert prospects into customers. The appropriate balance of AI and HI is key, here.


Begin implementing the tactics, resources, and technology needed for success

Your operations only run efficiently and effectively when processes are in place and followed. Marketing is no exception. The Implement phase focuses on five pillars: Product, Process, People, Partners, and Profit. It's not just about launching campaigns; it's about setting up systems and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to guide and measure performance. 


Review actionable metrics and refine tactics when necessary

Monitoring and responding to the proper metrics are critical to your success in marketing. AI doesn't just set things up for success; it continually calibrates for peak performance. In the Calibrate step, you'll develop a self-optimizing system that continuously monitors performance, adjusts creatives, reallocates budgets, and fine-tunes targeting for optimal results.


Review progress on a quarterly basis, and then plot out the next quarter

Sales, marketing, finance, and operations are all stakeholders in marketing outcomes. Quarterly planning sessions are critical to your growth and success. Each quarter, we make sure all stakeholders sync up with a proper retrospective of prior performance, we make the essential corrections, and then we recalibrate where necessary to ensure the attainment of year-end goals. 

Want to get OPTICS™ on Your Marketing?

Implementing OPTICS™ is the fastest way to get your revenue pointing in the right direction. It's way more than a fancy diagram. OPTICS™ is a fully immersive experience. 

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