Marketing is the New Sales. Is Your Marketing Coming up Short?

Your marketing needs to be as effective as your best salesperson.

The Challenge

Finding the time to build and manage a marketing team and outside resources simultaneously can be a challenge.

However, it's essential for ensuring your growth goals are consistently hit. 

To do that, you must ensure that everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goal. 

This means having regular check-ins and meetings to discuss goals, progress, roadblocks, and successes.

  • Make sure that everyone understands your growth vision for the company and how their work fits into that big picture.
  • You must fully understand your target audience, their problems, how they communicate, where to reach them, and how to state your competitive advantage.
  • You need someone to constantly monitor your online ratings to ensure rapid responses to negative reviews and the encouragement of positive ones. 
  • You need to develop a referral system and a retention system. This includes having a way to train new employees on the various marketing technologies you're using.
  • You have to make sure everyone on your team (including agencies and outside vendors) is executing effectively. This means setting clear priorities and expectations, and holding people accountable to results.
  • You have to make sure you're providing the resources and support your team needs to do their jobs well.

It's no wonder you're overwhelmed.

frustrated healthcare worker

The Problem

What if marketing is not your strong suit? Maybe you don't have time to create a comprehensive marketing strategy or ensure everyone understands their role and the tactics needed to make it a success.

Who is going to document your Standard Operating Procedures and make sure the team is following them?

What if they don't know which metrics to monitor or how to modify tactics based on those metrics?

You might've come to the conclusion that an expert is needed to head your company's marketing team in order to achieve growth goals.

However, what if you don't have the time or budget to fill this position?

Don't worry - there are ways to get the executive level leadership you need without blowing your marketing budget in.

In no time, you'll have your marketing team energized, focused, and crushing your revenue and client growth goals.

The OPTICSTM Solution

If you've hit a wall with your patient growth, marketing effectiveness, or business development efforts, then implementing OPTICS™ is the ideal long-term solution. 

OPTICS™ is an immersive solution that includes the methodical implementation of the OPTICS™ framework from a dedicated fractional Chief Marketing Strategist or fractional Chief Marketing Officer (aka fractional CMO), one-on-one strategic development and team oversight, online training, weekly group coaching calls, and membership in a private, online community of non-competitive, like-minded professionals.

The OPTICS™ framework is a 6-step process. It helps you articulate your vision and goals, develop your short-term and long-term marketing strategy, create alignment with your marketing team and vendors, establish and monitor actionable KPIs, and fine-tune the process to ensure consistent executional excellence.

What’s a fractional CMO? 

A Bizzuka fractional Chief Marketing Officer is a senior marketing executive who works with your company on a part-time basis to help guide the implementation of OPTICS™ in your organization.

A fractional CMO provides experience, oversight, and strategic recommendations from outside your organization, but at a fraction of the cost of a full-time CMO.

There are some key differences that make fractional CMOs a more attractive option for many companies.

For starters, fractional CMOs are more dedicated to your company’s growth. They’re not just here to provide advice and then move on to the next client. They’re invested in your success and want to see you grow.

Additionally, our fractional CMOs have a wealth of experience in different industries. This means they can bring a fresh perspective to your marketing efforts. And because they’re not embedded in your organization, they can offer unbiased insights and recommendations.

If you’re looking for marketing help that will take your healthcare organization to peak operational efficiency and effectiveness, the Bizzuka OPTICS™ framework will accelerate your path to success.

If you’re looking for marketing help that will take your organization to peak operational efficiency and effectiveness, the Bizzuka OPTICS™ framework will accelerate your path to success.

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