How to Trash Your Brand with ChatGPT 

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March 29, 2023

Copying and pasting ChatGPT-generated copy doesn’t make you a thought leader. 

It makes you quite the opposite of that.

Take, for instance, this post, which came across my feed on LinkedIn. I blurred out the copy so as not to incriminate the person who posted it. 

I read it and immediately sensed that it was a default response generated by ChatGPT.

So, I decided to see if the copy was, indeed, generated by Artificial Intelligence.

I tried a few of the online AI detection tools that are currently charging subscription fees, and they each came up with different percentages to indicate the likelihood the post was generated by AI.

Then I thought, hell… why not just ask ChatGPT itself?

So, I did.

I literally laughed out loud when I read ChatGPTs response!

"Yes, I did write that response."


The more I use ChatGPT, the easier it is to recognize the copy it generates. There are a lot of AI detection tools out there, but none apparently better than ChatGPT itself.

AI copywriting tools are really meant to give you a head start on copywriting and idea generation.

If you want to be seen as a thought leader in your space and need help researching and generating ideas, then, by all means, utilize AI tools like ChatGPT to get you from zero to sixty in 2.6 seconds.

Simply copying and pasting the AI response robs you of authority, originality, and integrity.

To truly be seen as a thought leader with authority and integrity, people want to hear about your own experiences and expertise.

Any AI generated response should be seen as a brainstorming tool from which you can research or generate ideas. Expand on those ideas and rewrite them in your own authentic personality and voice, sprinkling them with your own unique experiences and stories.

That's how you build a brand as an authentic thought leader.

Your clients are coming to you because they believe you understand them and have experiences that will help them solve their problems. They aren't coming to you because you know how to copy and paste machine-generated information.

When we implement OPTICS™ as the marketing framework for our clients’ internal marketing teams, we teach them how to use AI tools effectively without sacrificing integrity, authenticity, or value.

When used the right way, tools like ChatGPT can speed up content creation, improve content value, and literally save you enormous amounts of time and tens of thousands of dollars every month.

Used the wrong way, AI can quickly destroy the brand and reputation you are trying so hard to build.