Landing Clients as a Fractional CMO doesn't Have to Be So Hard

Add OPTICS™ to your arsenal and
become an OPTICS™ Implementer.


The biggest challenge with being a marketing coach, consultant, or fractional CMO is capacity

Become an OPTICS™ implementer to increase your marketing capacity

without adding more hours or people

If you want to make more money, OPTICS™ gives you a way to increase your capacity without destroying your lifestyle or increasing the number of hours you spend serving others.

What is an OPTICS™ Implementer?

An OPTICS™ Implementer acts as a marketing consultant, an educator, and a facilitator to help business owners and leaders scale faster by building high-performing, internal marketing teams through the use and mastery of proven OPTICS™ tools and processes.

How to Leverage Your Time
and Make More Money

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Think of OPTICS™ as the EOS® extension exclusively for marketing.

If you read the book Traction by Gino Wickman, then you know all about the Entrepreneurial Operating System.

We implemented EOS® in our organization several years ago, and it made our company far more efficient, our meetings ran smoother, our goals were universally shared, and our team gelled better.

The only thing we were missing was a more concentrated version of the EOS® process that was specifically designed for marketing and business development. That’s why we developed OPTICS™. It’s like EOS® on steroids inside of your marketing department.

NOTE: Bizzuka and OPTICS™ are not affiliated with or in any way endorsed by EOS® or EOS Worldwide. We're just big fans.

OPTICS™ is ideal for:

Businesses that:

  • Have one or more people in marketing
  • Want to grow faster 
  • Have a dedicated marketing budget
  • Have a team that could do better with the right marketing organization and skill sharpening

Marketing Consultants and Fractional CMOs who:

  • Want to make an impact on the businesses they serve
  • Are seeking financial and time freedom
  • Have a solid background in marketing
  • Are looking for a system that offers massive potential without a commensurate commitment of time

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