Rabbit Could Make You Insanely More Productive 

But it's not available until January 9, 2024

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January 1, 2024

This New AI Assistant Wants to Revolutionize How You Use Your Computer

What if your computer could understand your every intention and take actions for you as easily as chatting with a friend?

No more stringing together apps, APIs, and websites trying to accomplish basic tasks.

On January 9th, a company called rabbit (intentionally all lowercase) wants to show you the new world of conversational AI.

Glimpsing the Future on January 9th

Get on the waiting list, so you can get a first look at rabbit’s R1, the long-awaited AI assistant product reveal. It’s a solution designed to completely transform human-computer interaction as you know it today.


Through an integrated hardware and software platform powered by their groundbreaking Large Action Model (LAM) technology.

In simple terms, LAMs allow consumer devices to not only comprehend natural language requests, but then take steps across applications and websites to satisfy your goals.

For instance, by showing the R1 just one time how you prepare your monthly budget spreadsheet, you could then simply say "prepare my budget for February" and LAM would automatically open your finance apps and documents, populate the data, run the calculations, and output your completed report.

No more losing hours to repetitive manual processes!

But how exactly does rabbit and the R1 deliver on this promise of revolutionized human-computer interaction powered by AI?

Understanding the Rabbit R1

The foundation enabling rabbit’s vision is an innovative technology called Large Action Model (LAM). You can think of LAMs as akin to the large language models that power chatbots like ChatGPT.

But while LLMs (Large Language Models) focus only on understanding text, rabbit's LAM is designed to both comprehend requests and take action.

Specifically, rabbit's LAM learns by observing how you interact with your applications and websites firsthand. It analyzes the steps you take to accomplish tasks through interfaces. Over time, the LAM forms a conceptual understanding of application functionality that allows it to then automate processes for you.

The rabbit product brings LAM technology to life through an integrated hardware and software solution. The rabbit R1 device features voice-powered controls leveraging the LAM’s capacity to satisfy spoken requests.

And the rabbit operating system enables the LAM to seamlessly operate apps and sites on your behalf, eliminating the need to manually log in, utilize APIs, or pay for external services.

But how does rabbit enable such complex cross-application automation with simple voice commands? And what exactly happens behind the scenes when you make a request?

Effortless Interaction Powered by AI

It all starts with demonstrating the task you want to automate just one time while rabbit observes through its LAM technology.

For example, walk the R1 through preparing your monthly budget report by launching spreadsheets and finance programs, importing the necessary data, and calculating the numbers to populate the report template.

Once your walk-through is complete, the LAM understands the full sequence of steps required and can replicate them to generate future budget reports automatically.

You simply activate your R1 device and say “Prepare my February budget report” to trigger the entire process without any further work needed on your end.

The use cases extend far beyond budgeting reports too. LAM can populate online forms, complete ecommerce purchases, book travel reservations, and handle a wide variety of other activities as long as it has watched you do it manually once before.

Simply using straightforward voice commands prompts rabbit into action to execute your tasks.

Of course ease of use would mean little without maintaining security and privacy. Rabbit offers robust safeguards and compliance assurances, so you can feel comfortable delegating tasks through this revolutionary new interface paradigm.

But could interacting with computers as effortlessly as conversing with a helpful friend really become mainstream? What impact could that have on our everyday digital activities?

Possibilities for Profound Impact

If rabbit realizes its full vision, the implications could be immense both personally and professionally. Think of the cumulative time savings from automating repetitive tasks like financial reporting, travel planning, online shopping, and many other obligations that currently devour workdays.

Employees in all roles stand to achieve greater efficiency and productivity.

More than just time savings though, LAM technology offers greater convenience by removing the need to manually navigate myriad websites and applications. No more locating the right tab buried somewhere among the dozens you likely have open.

And rabbit bypasses the integration barriers that previously made cross-app automation extremely difficult, eliminating the need for custom application programming interfaces (APIs).

Venture capital investors are already buzzing about rabbit's disruptive potential. The company has attracted $30 million in funding from leading Silicon Valley firms.

James Altucher is already hinting at this technology to promote his investment newsletter. His latest promotions talk about January 9th as being some watershed date in AI history that will change everything, but he doesn't tell you what company he's talking about. He just wants you to buy his newsletter before he reveals that he's actually talking about rabbit.

But now you know that revolutionary transition formally commences in the public eye on January 9th, 2024 at rabbit's official product launch event.

Intriguing possibilities certainly, but questions remain about real-world functionality. Just how seamless and helpful will interaction with rabbit actually be?

The Countdown Begins

If the product lives up to its ambitious goals, the R1 could very well usher in a new era. An era where instead of learning multiple applications, you simply interact with one intelligent assistant that understands your oral requests and then executes a set of tasks by operating the apps for you.

The seamless voice-based execution enabled by the combination of LAM technology and the rabbit hardware is clearly a new step in workforce automation. Theoretically, you could literally tell the R1 (using nothing but your voice) to prepare the quarterly financial reports for your board of directors, and then you can head off to lunch, play nine holes, or do whatever else you want. When you get back, the reports would be ready for your review.

The launch event on January 9th will offer the first glimpse of rabbit's human-computer interaction revolution. But the real test will emerge as users run rabbit through its paces in the real world. I, for one, can't wait to get the beast installed and operating!

Could the R1 eventually prove as transformative as the mouse or the touchscreen?

The months and years ahead will tell, but it sure sounds like it to me.

In the meantime, I highly recommend you get on their waiting list. If it can do half of what it claims, rabbit seems poised to take a massive leap in AI automation.