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attracting customers after covid

How to Attract Customers Post-Lockdown

No one knows for sure when COVID-19 will let up, but one thing is for…

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page speed

Here’s What Consumers Will Want From You Post-COVID-19

COVID-19 continues to devastate our world and is causing consumer behavior to change dramatically. These…

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Google Marketing Tools

Monitoring Consumer Trends During the COVID-19 Crisis

The scary truth is that the COVID-19 crisis is showing no signs of letting up…

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coronavirus in restaurant

What to do When an Employee Tests Positive for COVID-19

In Lafayette, LA, we’ve been seeing an alarming resurgence of COVID-19 cases since we began…

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pay per click

How to Use PPC During the Reopening Phase

Human behavior as we know it has been rocked by the pandemic. This change in…

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Reopening us

Using SEO to Market Your Reopening

Aside from sanitizing your office, one of the most important factors in reopening your business…

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reopening us

Using Email Marketing to Promote Your Reopening

After an excruciating past few months of having our businesses shut down, the U.S. is…

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reopening phase 1

Using Social Media to Market Your Reopening

As the majority of the United States begins to reopen again, business owners everywhere are…

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