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Why Internet Marketing is Crucial for Every Industry

“No one in my industry does Internet marketing, so why should I?”

This question is one of the most dangerous misconceptions that small business owners have about Internet marketing.

Just because your competitors aren’t doing Internet marketing, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t either. In fact, this is exactly why you should hire a digital marketer–to get ahead of your competition. We are in the digital age, and there’s no better way to sell and promote your offerings to consumers than by appealing to your audience online.

Yes, industrial equipment companies and manufacturers, this applies to you too

By implementing a strategic Internet marketing strategy, any industry can:

1. Increase visibility

One of the main benefits of online marketing is that it allows your business to be more visible on the channels that your customers use the most, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and social media. Your buyers are more likely to click on the first options that appear in their search results, so increasing your visibility will in turn increase traffic to your website. If your website is set up correctly, then the increase in traffic should translate to more leads. 

If the increase in traffic doesn’t translate to more leads, then you’ll want to review the 5-step process for increasing website conversions or 7 A/B test to increase landing page conversion rates.

2. Enhance website traffic quality

Certain Internet marketing tactics are geared around bringing the right people to your website. More traffic doesn’t necessarily mean an influx of relevant visitors. You could be driving people to your site who do not fit your buyer persona and will likely leave as soon as they click on it. 

Paid advertising, local SEO, and social media marketing allow you to target exactly who you want to visit your site–down to the most specific and intimate details. The ability to target with this level of specificity is exactly why Internet marketing is so effective. No other method of marketing allows you to directly and specifically target people who are exhibiting behavior that indicates they are currently interested in your products or services.

3. Increase in-store visits

Not only can Internet marketing help you enhance the quality of your website traffic, but it can also increase your in-store foot traffic. When you use these techniques to zero-in on your ideal potential buyers, you increase the likelihood that they will find your contact information on your website and visit your location in person.

4. Gain more customers

Nowadays, online platforms are an integral part of the customer journey for every industry. All of your potential buyers are using at least some form of online medium every day–whether it be Google, social media, or any other means of search. Knowing this fact, it’s easy to see how Internet marketing can be used to help you gain more customers.

5. Improve local presence

When your potential buyers are searching for a product or service on Google, Google attempts to identify their location and show results that are relevant to their area. With the proper Internet marketing tactics, your website will rank highly in these location-specific search results. 

For example, if you own a CNC machining company in Lafayette, you want your business to show in the search results when someone googles “CNC machining lafayette.” With the appropriate Internet marketing techniques, this is possible. When you communicate your business location to Google, Google will in turn show your business to people in your area who are searching for your products or services. 

6. Increase online authority

When you use online marketing to promote your business, you change the way that potential buyers view your company. By showing up first in Google search results alongside other respected industry competitors, your business gains more credibility, and the likelihood that new customers will buy from you increases.

Regardless of your industry, Internet marketing can definitely help your business grow. 

Want to learn more about how Internet marketing can help you hit your sales targets this year? Schedule a strategy call with Bizzuka today, and we’ll help you gain clarity on exactly what tactics you can use to improve your online lead generation.

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