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Digital Marketing for Healthcare

You Deliver Excellent Healthcare... We'll Deliver the Patients

Healthcare marketing has changed due, in large part, to technology and changing consumer habits.

More than ever, prospective patients and their families are relying on search engines, social networks and customer review sites to research hospitals, doctors and other healthcare providers before deciding which to choose.

The problem is that most healthcare marketers are still going about things the old way.

We’ve seen it all too many times before, and we can honestly tell you… it’s not your fault.

The problem starts with the three blind spots that seem to plague everyone in this industry.

In fact, these blind spots are so prevalent, that last year we put on an exclusive webinar to educate as many of our clients as possible. We highly recommend you catch a replay of our Healthcare Lead Generation webinar (it will feel like it’s a live event, but it’s a replay).

Whether your goal is to build greater awareness of your facility or practice, book more appointments, or increase your patient census, digital marketing’s ability to target specific audiences with specific needs sets it apart from traditional approaches, such as billboards, TV and radio ads and direct mail.

That means how you allocate your marketing dollars should also change… and that’s where Bizzuka can help.

We specialize in digital marketing for hospitals, healthcare systems and physician group practices — and have for years!

Our process starts by gaining a thorough understanding of your organization and core offerings, your patients and the journey they take to get to you. We’ll also look at your competitors to see what they are offering and where you stand in relation to them on search ranking, keywords and conversions.

We follow that with targeted marketing activities that communicate your message clearly to the exact audience you want to reach to get the results you want to achieve.

Finally, we continually refine our process to ensure we’re optimizing every lead-generating opportunity, and we keep you informed with detailed reports and monthly video conference calls.

As a healthcare marketer, you’re probably no stranger to Internet marketing. We’re here to help you push your marketing efforts beyond your internal capacity. We’ll help you with all lead-generating activities, from blogs to social media to pay-per-click ads to search engine optimization and more.

We build lead-generation strategies that go right down to the DRG level. With Bizzuka, you can focus on providing excellent patient care, while we work on expanding your digital visibility and leading more patients to your clinic or hospital.

Contact us today to learn how we can help grow your hospital, healthcare system or physician group practice.


We prepared an eBook to show you the exact steps you can take to successfully move beyond physician referrals and drive more patients to your most profitable service lines.

Download a copy of the eBook: Beyond Physician Referrals: 3 Steps to Grow Select Clinical Service Lines in 90 Days.

The Ultimate B2B Web Marketing Strategy Checklist

See how your web marketing intitiatives stack up.

Nothing is more frustrating than spending tens of thousands of dollars every year on digital marketing, and seeing no increase in lead generation.

Make sure your digital marketing strategy covers all the bases. Use our 50-point checklist to fine tune your marketing and improve your online conversions.

Ready to learn how you can increase your sales and automate your lead generation?

Schedule a Strategy Call today and see how a few tweaks can generate massive results.

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