What’s the Difference Between Practice Management Software and Medical Billing Software? 

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When running a medical practice, there are a lot of important decisions to make every day to operate efficiently. 

One of the most important is choosing which software to use for billing and managing your practice. 

Practice management software and medical billing software are two totally different tools for managing your practice, but both are essential to boosting the reputation and efficiency of your practice. 

Let’s take a look at the difference between these two types of software and how they work together in your medical office.

Practice Management Software

Practice management software will take care of your billing, patient charting, appointment scheduling, collections, insurance status verification, and more. Its main purpose is managing flow of revenue, along with various patient support features. 

However, it is not meant to be a replacement for medical billing software.

This is because it’s not able to support outsourcing billing or higher-level billing tasks, like automated batch processing. Practice management software will store all of your patients’ records, which is essential for insurance companies that need accurate information for reimbursement purposes.

This type of software is great for small practices or medical offices that are just getting started because it’s very cost-effective and ideal for maximizing efficiency in back-office operations. 

Thanks to its versatility, practice management software is also perfect for busy medical offices and specialists who offer services that involve aftercare or follow-up sessions by allowing for easy coordination and patient monitoring.

Medical Billing Software

As its name implies, medical billing software manages all tasks involving creating bills and payment for services, from the patient setting up their appointment to the end of their session.

This software will often include a feature that checks patients’ insurance status as well. 

Medical billing software is helpful for small practices who are bogged down with billing tasks and need to check the status of bills quickly. It will generate reports that show you the status of patients’ bills and reduce the burden on your already burned-out staff.

Medical billing software also reduces human error, saving you money by flagging mistakes that can be fixed immediately. This is much more efficient than waiting on an insurance provider when fixing errors.

When determining which software is best for you, start by reading reviews for different products and software development companies. At Bizzuka, our developers focus on creating tailor-made solutions that solve your unique problems and yield an ROI within 6 – 18 months. 

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