Using Social Media to Market to Gen Z 

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May 27, 2022

If you’re looking to market to Gen Z, you need to be using social media. This generation is different from any other that has come before it, and they can be a difficult group to reach. 

But with the right approach, social media can be a powerful tool for marketing to Gen Z.

Let’s take a look at how social media can be used to reach this elusive generation and get them interested in your product or service.

What Gen Z values

The first step in using social media to market to Gen Z is understanding what this generation values. They’re often called “digital natives,” as they’ve grown up with technology all around them. This means that they’re incredibly comfortable with the digital world and are always connected.

They value authenticity and transparency, and can see right through marketing gimmicks. They’re also very entrepreneurial and are always looking for new opportunities.

Gen Z is extremely social and has a strong desire to make connections with others. This is why social media is such a powerful tool for marketing to this generation. You can use it to connect with them on a personal level and build relationships.


Gen Z is less likely to fall for traditional ads than other generations. Instead, they’re more likely to buy from you if they see an influencer promoting your products. 

An influencer is someone who has a large following on social media and can endorse your products or services. 

The right influencers can be a powerful marketing tool for reaching Gen Z. Find out where your target audience hangs out online and look for influencers in that space. Chances are that there are plenty of them already talking about your industry.


The gaming industry grew significantly in popularity during the height of the pandemic lockdown in 2020.

In fact, research has shown that Gen Z consumers spend twice as much time in the metaverse than interacting in real life. If you want to reach this population, this is the space you need to be in.

20% of these gamers spend their “fun” budgets on in-game purchases and entertainment, and 1/3 of Gen Zers are interested in seeing brands create virtual stores and selling digital apparel for avatars.

Research has also shown that 18% of Gen Zers want to see brands advertising in games, 23% prefer branded digital worlds, 46% want to see brands offer free experiences and products in games, and 19% don’t believe that brands should be involved in the gaming/metaverse experience at all.

Social values

Gen Z is incredibly socially conscious and wants to buy from brands that reflect their values. This is in large part due to the social unrest and effects of the pandemic in 2020.

More people are interested in sustainability and want to see brands doing their part to reduce their environmental impact. Gen Z also cares about social issues and wants brands to take a stand on the things that matter to them.

When it comes to marketing, this means you need to be authentic and transparent. You must show that you care about the same things that your target audience does.

Use social media to show that you’re a brand with values. Share stories about the things you’re doing to make a difference and promote causes that are important to you. This will help you connect with Gen Z on a deeper level and get them interested in what you have to offer.

How to use social media to market to Gen Z

Now that we know what Gen Z wants, let’s look at how social media can be used to reach them.

First of all, a one-size-fits-all social media strategy will not work for this generation. You need to get in tune with what Gen Z expects out of their social media experiences, such as:

Good customer service

It’s easy to head into a social media campaign with the goals of simply expanding your follower count and promoting products. But one of the best opportunities that brands fail to take advantage of on social media (and that Gen Z highly values) is customer service during the purchase phase of the buyer’s journey. Poor customer service during this stage can cause you to lose out on many sales.

Meeting them where they’re at

Naturally, you want to be where your audience is, and they expect you to be there in order to get their attention. Gen Z in particular tends to gravitate towards Instagram, Tik Tok, and YouTube. These platforms are where they go to get purchase inspiration from branded content, influencers, paid ads, and ambassadors.

Available communication

Gen Z prefers to communicate over social media rather than via phone or email. With that in mind, it’s particularly important that you remain available on social media to respond to messages and comments. This may require hiring an additional team to manage social media, but if you want to keep up with Gen Z, it’ll be worth it.

There is little room for error these days. You must be able to quickly adapt to Gen Z’s needs in order for them to perceive you as having good customer service. 

Social media is arguably the choice communication channel for customers during the buyer’s journey. It’s an incredibly important tool when it comes to increasing brand awareness and connecting with consumers of all generations, especially Gen Z. 

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