How to Write Good Content that Generates Leads 

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April 23, 2021

Did you know that content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and can generate nearly 3x as many leads and 6x as many conversions?

This is incredibly important to note given just how hard it is to stand out through all of the noise these days. 

Fortunately, we’ve got just the content marketing tips you need to stand out against your competitors.

1.) Perform Extensive Market and Customer Research

Research is a necessary first step that should never be overlooked. To attract the right leads, you need to write content that appeals to your ideal customer. 

In order to create engaging lead generation content, you must understand your customers inside and out. Start by creating a buyer persona that incorporates:

  • Their pain points. 
  • Their values. 
  • Their objections. 
  • Their speaking habits. 
  • Their search habits.

If you have several different target audiences, you will need to create a buyer persona for each one. If you try to create content for everyone, you’ll inevitably end up engaging no one. 

Here is a great infographic to help you gain a deeper understanding of your customers.

2.) Design an Extensive Content Plan

After you deeply understand your customers and have identified the solutions to their commonly searched problems, you can create your content plan. This will map out what content you’ll publish and how frequently.

Start by asking yourself the following questions:

  • How often do you want to post a blog post? 
  • When will you promote content on social media? 
  • Which team members will be creating and promoting content? 

Download our free 2021 content calendar template to help you schedule your content and stay organized!

3.) Create Useful, High-Quality Content

You need to write content that helps your readers solve their problems while simultaneously positioning yourself as an expert in your industry. This content needs to bring value to your target audience and relate to your business in some fashion.

For example, if you’re a nutritional coach, you could write a blog post titled, “Why Diet is as Important as Fitness,” or “5 Food Blogs with the Best Healthy Recipes”. If you sell cleaning supplies, consider writing blogs about how to sanitize better during COVID.

The people who are interested in these topics would have a high probability of wanting or needing your product or service. By first providing value, you set yourself up to receive better, higher quality leads.

At the end of your content, you can strategically place a CTA that helps you accomplish whatever your particular marketing goal is for that blog post (check out the bottom of this post for an example <img draggable=).

4.) Implement Keywords

In order for new customers to be able to find you, it’s vital that you sprinkle keywords throughout your content. 

Writing content based on your target audience’s interest and searches will increase traffic to your website, resulting in more potential leads. Be sure to include your keywords in your titles and headings without sacrificing any compelling qualities.

But just because there’s an increase in traffic and leads, doesn’t necessarily mean they’re solid leads that’ll eventually convert. You don’t want to waste money popping up in irrelevant searches, causing an influx of fake leads. 

Using Google Analytics and Google Ads, you can input negative keywords, or search terms you want to exclude from your campaign, so you can focus only on the keywords that matter.

5.) Incorporate Visual Appeal

On top of providing valuable information, your content also needs to be visually appealing. The more aesthetically pleasing and intriguing your blog posts are, the more likely your customers are to engage with your content. 

To make your content more appealing, consider:

  • Adding headings to divide sections
  • Using bullet points
  • Breaking up long paragraphs
  • Using graphs, charts, and images

6.) Include Statistics

Adding accurate statistics is a great way to bring value and display credibility in your industry. Your content will carry much more weight when you add relevant stats to support your ideas, and it’s a lot easier than you think. 

Use Google to your advantage, but only implement data compiled by a credible source from within the last few years. 

Make sure to cite your sources as well. It doesn’t need to be in MLA format at the end of your post, you can simply hyperlink the text.

7.) Integrate Lead Magnets

If you’re not already building an email list, now is the time to start. This makes it super easy to nurture an enormous amount of relevant and high-quality leads all at once. You can drive more traffic to your website by emailing them to announce a promotion, share news on your products, and more.

The best way to receive more email subscribers is through lead magnets. A lead magnet essentially allows you to trade valuable and useful content completely free in exchange for your ideal customer’s information. After all, most people are more willing to give up their name and email address if they get something in return.

When capturing leads, you’ll want to do so with as little friction as possible. The more information you require from a person to receive your content, the less likely that person will be to fill out the form. Usually, just asking for a name and an email will suffice.

Your lead magnet needs to be relevant to your business, industry, and the topic of the post you’re writing. Lead magnets can include checklists, eBooks, webinars, quizzes, or worksheets. This gives your reader a taste of what you offer which makes it easier to sell to them in the near future.

If content is king, conversion is queen. Writing average content is a waste of time and effort. Create content that actually sells for you. 

Once you’ve created valuable content that generates inbound leads by following these tips, you’ll be acquiring leads while you sleep, allowing you to focus on other areas of your business. For help in creating valuable content to attract high-quality leads, schedule a free strategy call with Bizzuka.