How to Increase Revenue and Bring More Patients in to Your Medical Practice 

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September 8, 2022

After 2020, it's been a struggle to gain and maintain patients in your medical practice. 

The competition is heavy, and with rising operating costs and administrative strain, you need all the help you can get to keep a profitable practice.

The following strategies can have a powerful impact on boosting your patient count and revenue.

1. Enhance your patient experience

First, you’ll want to focus on providing an excellent patient experience from the moment they walk into your office. 

Your staff should be welcoming, attentive, and accommodating. 

If you have a waiting room, make sure it is comfortable and has plenty of reading materials or entertainment options.  

Your exam rooms should be clean and organized, ensuring that your patients feel comfortable and respected throughout their visit. 

Excellent customer service will encourage patients to keep coming back, and it may also prompt them to refer their friends and family members to your practice.

2. Enhance your staff experience

Investing in your staff is an investment in your practice as a whole. 

In order to provide a great patient experience, you need to have a happy and engaged staff. 

Make sure that your employees feel valued and appreciated and take steps to create a positive work environment. 

Your staff should be well-trained and equipped to handle whatever comes their way. 

When your employees are satisfied in their roles, they’ll be more likely to provide top-notch care to your patients. A happy and cohesive team will lead to better patient outcomes and a more positive reputation for your business.

3. Consider offering telehealth after hours

In today's digital age, many patients are looking for the convenience of receiving care from the comfort of their own homes. 

Telehealth services allow you to connect with your patients via video chat or phone call, and can be a great way to offer after-hours care (and stand out from your competitors). 

By offering telehealth, you can make it easier for patients to access the care they need, when they need it. This will help you increase patient satisfaction and loyalty, as well as attract new patients.

4. Reduce late cancellations and no-shows

Missed appointments can really take a toll on your bottom line. 

Late cancellations and no-shows can leave you with gaps in your schedule, and they often result in lost revenue. 

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to reduce the number of late cancellations and no-shows at your practice. 

Text or email reminders a week in advance, and the day before, have proven to be really helpful.

Consider adding a cancellation policy with a fee, or offering telehealth. These are great ways to deter patients from canceling at the last minute and giving them an option to keep the appointment when it may not be feasible for them to show up in person.

5. Create an online presence

These days, it's vital for any business to have an online presence. 

By creating an online presence, you can reach a wider audience and attract more patients to your medical practice.

Many patients use the internet to research their options for medical care, and if you don't have a website or online profile, you will miss out on potential business. 

Creating a simple website is a great way to give patients an overview of your practice, and it can also be a useful tool for marketing your business. 

You can use your website or social media to post special offers, share patient testimonials, and provide information about your services. 

With social media in particular, patients will be able to view your practice on a more personable level, seeing your reviews and posts in their feed along with their friends’ posts.

6. Be mindful of your curb appeal

Your medical practice's curb appeal is the first thing patients will notice when they pull up to your office. 

First impressions are important, so you'll want to make sure your building looks neat, clean, and inviting. 

You can do this by ensuring that the landscaping is well-maintained, the signage is visible and up-to-date, and the parking lot is clean and free of debris. 

By paying attention to your curb appeal, you can make a good first impression on potential patients and set the stage for a positive experience.

7. Re-evaluate your patient collection strategy

Patient collections can be a massive pain to deal with, especially with the increasing number of patients on high deductible plans rising.

That being said, it may be worth it to hire a collection agency. Otherwise, you’ll need to re-evaluate your overall collections strategy by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Is my billing management software system meeting my current needs?
  • Am I giving my patients the benefit of the doubt?
  • Are we regularly reviewing our finances?
  • How frequently am I sending appointment reminders to prompt bill payment? Are we contacting slow payers more often?
  • Are patients aware of our billing policy?
  • Am I being transparent with patients about price?
  • Does my patient portal allow patients to pay with ease?
  • Is my billing staff being incentivized, and do they know how to prompt for payment?

8. Follow up on unpaid claims

If you have unpaid claims, it's important to follow up on them. Don’t let go of this revenue.

This can be a time-consuming process, but it's critical to make sure you're getting paid from insurance companies for the care that you provide. 

If you're unable to collect payment from the insurance company or the patient, you may need to consider hiring a medical billing service. 

9. Hire a fractional CMO

If you're looking for ways to bring in more patients and increase revenue, hiring a fractional CMO can be a great option. 

A fractional CMO can help you develop and implement marketing strategies that will attract new patients to your practice. 

We can also help you create a brand identity and position your practice for success. 

By working with a fractional CMO like Bizzuka, you can develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that will help you attract new patients and improve your bottom line. Schedule your free diagnostic session with us today to learn where you may be falling short.