5 Ways to Measure the Performance of Your Healthcare Content Marketing 

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January 12, 2023

Healthcare content marketing is a vital way to reach and engage with your target audience, but only when done properly.

So, how do you know whether what you’re doing is working?

Here are 5 ways to effectively measure the performance of your healthcare content marketing:

1. Track website analytics

Have you ever asked yourself, “How did my website visitors find me?” or “Where are they coming from?” Tracking your website analytics using free tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console will give you the answers to those queries and show which channels and content best engage with your audience.

This data will be important to discover whether your traffic is relevant or not. For example, if you run a hospital and see your visitors are coming from referral links like Zocdoc or Healthgrades, you’re on the right track. But if they’re coming from random, irrelevant sites that you’ve never heard of, chances are that something is awry. 

2. Measure lead generation

Lead generation is an important metric in any industry, but especially healthcare. Assessing how your content marketing strategies convert visitors into leads will give you insight into which tactics are working and which need improvement. 

One of the best ways to do this is by gating content such as eBooks and other lead magnets. When you require an email address for users to download your content, you can track leads in the number of downloads.

3. Make sure your content marketing goals align with your vision

Two questions:

  • What do you hope to gain with your content marketing? And,
  • What are your 1-, 3-, and 10-year visions?

If the answers to these questions aren’t the same or at least very similar, you need to take another look at your strategy. 

Your content is the vehicle to get you to where you want to be 1, 3, and 10 years from now. If these goals are misaligned, chances are your content is irrelevant and you’re wasting a fortune marketing the wrong way.

Your KPIs should also be based on these goals

A few days ago, we wrote a blog on the 20 marketing metrics you need to be tracking. This blog offers greater detail on which specific KPIs are the most important to look at. It would be in your best interest to ponder your goals, then take a look at this blog to decide which ones are the best fit for where you want to take your practice.

4. Check where you rank against your competitors

Content marketing isn’t just about creating content, it’s also about staying ahead of your competitors. Analyzing where you rank against your competition in terms of keywords and traffic will paint a bigger picture of how successful your efforts are. SEMRush is a great tool for this purpose.

5. Monitor engagement with your content

Pay attention to the comments, shares and likes your content receives on social media. This will help you understand what topics or types of content resonate best with your target audience. 

When done the right way, content marketing can help you increase your conversions and reach your goals in 2023. By tracking these metrics, you’ll gain valuable insight into the performance of your healthcare content marketing. This information can then be used to create more effective strategies for future campaigns.

But the truth of the matter is that even a greater understanding of the right metrics can’t replace decades of experience.

At Bizzuka, our fractional CMOs are fully versed and knowledgeable in implementing proven strategies that work. In fact, all of these metrics are covered in the Calibrate phase of our OPTICS™ Framework

When you hire us as a fractional CMO, we’ll optimize your current strategy to help you bring in more patients/customers and increase your retention rates. If you’re ready to take your hospital or medical practice to the next level, schedule your free marketing diagnostic consultation with us today.

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