Marketing without strategy is like driving without a destination.

You might not like where you end up.

A fractional Chief Marketing Officer or Chief Marketing Strategist can help you turn your company vision into reality.

Hiring a full-time Chief Marketing Officer doesn't always make financial sense, especially when revenue and patient growth are stagnant or slow.

A fractional CMO can rapidly scale your medical practice by helping you take your growth vision and turn it into actionable strategy. At the same time, your fractional CMO can turn your marketing personnel into a high-performance marketing team without requiring your constant oversight and supervision.

What is a fractional CMO?

A fractional CMO will provide you with the best of both worlds: low executive costs combined with highly experienced strategy development and execution.

Simultaneously, you will receive a comprehensive marketing strategy coupled with executive level oversight to help your team execute marketing tactics with precision. In no time, you'll be expanding your patient base and revenue streams without the constant oversight you're probably currently experiencing.

Note: With a fractional executive, you won't be paying a full-time salary, health insurance, sick leave, FICA and FUTA taxes, or vacation pay.

Patient acquisition, business development, and revenue growth are all key focuses of a fractional CMO.

A fractional CMO is a skilled marketing executive who works "fractionally" with your medical practice, focusing on:

  • Creating a comprehensive marketing strategy
  • Increasing patient revenue
  • Mapping out results-driven marketing campaigns
  • Mentoring and managing your marketing team
  • Overseeing vendor relationships
  • Ensuring team accountability and consistency
  • Providing leadership and experience

Critical: The best fractional CMOs will put you in a position to extract themselves as your marketing team becomes more proficient, or help you interview and hire a full-time CMO when your growth and budget allows.


Post-2020, medical practices like yours have had to change their strategy in every way imaginable.

They've had to completely reevaluate how they've executed things in the past.

They've had to reconsider their entire online and offline marketing strategy.

They've had to pay closer attention to physician ratings, reexamine their patient experience, evaluate methods for encouraging patients to return to regular visits, and develop an entirely new focus around new patient acquisition.

Fortunately, a Bizzuka fractional CMO can assist you in overcoming all of these issues.

Fractional Chief Marketing Officers can be the secret weapon to a medical practice whose growth has been static for the past few years.

Bizzuka fractional CMOs take on the role Chief Marketing Officer, bringing all the experience and expertise, but without the high price-tag. Our fractional CMOs initially spend time getting a comprehensive understanding of your business processes, prior marketing history, marketing staff and budget, goals for future growth, and any challenges you may face.

We collaborate with your executive management team to develop brand marketing strategies that will ultimately increase net patient revenue and attract the types of patients you enjoy helping.

A good CMO will have a proven track record of success as well as a repeatable, scalable framework to ensure your objectives are met.

Bizzuka specializes in helping medical practices like yours grow faster by implementing our proven, 6-stage framework we call OPTICS™ (Orient, Plan, Train, Implement, Calibrate, Sync).

The OPTICS™ Framework provides a proven and structured way to build high-performing marketing systems and business development teams that understand and execute your vision with complete confidence, competence, and precision without your constant supervision.

We'll start by reviewing your current marketing strategy to see where you might be falling short. Then we'll work with you to determine exactly where you want to go. We'll get a clear picture of your ideal future and develop a robust strategy to help you get there with a holistic approach.

Next, we'll work directly with your team and any outsourced vendors or agencies to ensure they understand your vision, know exactly how to execute the tactics required to achieve that vision, and carry out their responsibilities with clarity and precision.

Finally, we’ll monitor progress on an ongoing basis, focusing on actionable key performance indicators (KPIs) and adjusting as needed to ensure your objectives are met. We’ll review where we are each quarter and compare it to where we said you wanted to be.

Then, based on lessons learned from previous quarters, we’ll help you plan out the next quarter and execute.

Mistakes will be almost non-existent at the end of our time together, staff morale will be infinitely better, and profitability will be exponentially higher.

A Bizzuka fractional CMO will conduct a thorough analysis of your competitive position and advantages, develop a marketing strategy to maximize results, monitor and optimize your KPIs, manage internal and external marketing teams, lead your business development efforts, and much more. 

The CMO will be an extension of your team and a powerful partner who is fully vested in your success.

We've been in the trenches for over 30 years, so we know exactly how things should be built and when the workmanship is shoddy or suspect. As a result, we're quite adept at collaborating with agencies and third-party vendors to ensure you get what you pay for and that their deliverables are functional, efficient, effective, and ROI-driven.

You can count on us to make sure the dollars you spend on marketing and advertising are solid investments that will generate a handsome return.

Patient acquisition, business development, and revenue growth
are our key focuses.

Bizzuka specializes in helping medical practices like yours grow faster by implementing our proven, 6-stage framework we call “OPTICS™” (Orient, Plan, Train, Implement, Calibrate, Sync). 

The OPTICS™ Framework provides a proven and structured way to build high-performing marketing systems and business development teams that understand and execute your vision with complete confidence, competence, and precision without your constant supervision. 

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Check what our clients say about us

John is extremely up-to-date on the latest technology and best practices for digital marketing. Thanks to him, our new website is extremely easy to manage internally. John is equal parts technologist and marketer. He thinks with both sides of the brain, blending the art and science of digital marketing effortlessly. A pleasure to work with, hardworking, and conscientious are all hallmarks of John and his team.

Maura Nelson

Brand Director

VieMed, LLC

John has always responded quickly, even late at night or holidays. They keep us centered on consistency and always make sure we maintain a professional look and feel – it’s easy to deviate by accident. It is also very nice to know we can reach out to a local contact in a pinch or panic, and receive great customer service.

Denise Paul

Director of Information technology

West Feliciana Hospital

Working with John is a pleasure. He is highly professional. John sees the 30,000 foot level, but never lets the details escape him. His ideas and plans are always well thought through, excellently executed, and very meticulously monitored. John adds value in helping us think through and develop our business strategies, and coming up with new ideas that we had not considered. He is a contributor to our business. I highly recommend John.

Ted Haig



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