COVID Safety: Keep Your Work Environment Safe Exposure Risk Low

Control the Four Sources of Contamination

To get your business running full-throttle again, keep on-site employees safe, and serve your customers in the safest environment possible,
you need to address these four areas of COVID safety


Make sure the people that enter your facility have what they need to be safe and confident.


It's not enough to just spray on a disinfectant and think everything's ok. Every person who touches a surface can potentially recontaminate it.


Viruses like COVID-19 are airborne, aerosol-based pathogens. Treating air where employees or customers congregate is critical.


Viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites easily contaminate water and laundry systems. Like the rest of your facility, your water should be sanitized too.

How Complete is Your COVID-19 Containment & Safety Strategy?